Enterprises are constantly looking for ways to increase capacity, decrease cost and maximize productivity. Technology is often seen as a tool in accomplishing such business objectives. The revolution of IP Telephony is here, and on the fast track of delivering a viable alternative to legacy communication models providing traditional voice exchange. IP Telephony is delivering scalability, and the ability for enterprises to have seamless integration of applications, multi-site management, improved productivity, and management of customer relationships (CRM).

IP Telephony, also known as convergence, brings together multiple domains to help organizations achieve their business objectives. Bringing Voice, Data, Video, and critical business applications to a single IP Network is an undertaking that requires extensive planning, seamless integration, and exceptional administration.

This growing VoIP industry is expected to be the focus of 40% of corporations within the next three years according to Gartner’s latest reports. As the revolution skyrockets—allowing businesses to save money, the need for an experienced business partner becomes critical. That’s where Capitol VoIP Solutions comes in.

Capitol VoIP Solutions is a Washington, DC-based, niche provider of Voice Over Internet Protocol [VoIP] services with a focus on IP Telephony & Convergence. With global reach and more than 22 years of experience in technology and solution architecture, we bring you a one-on-one approach while delivering our enterprise technology solutions.


Capitol VoIP Solutions delivers business solutions that strengthen organizations and result in added financial value through targeted technical implementations, administration, and staffing. Our client-centric delivery model is unmatched and customized for each engagement. Our post-implementation and administrative metrics analyses will prove that our model and process positively impact your business model—quickly and effectively.

With an increase in demand for VoIP and IP Telephony Solutions, the need to use convergence technologies to drive and solve business communications issues becomes critical. We deliver a unique and specialized approach to IP Telephony services. In addition to exemplary performance in the Design, Deployment, and Administration phases, our post-implementation measurement and ongoing process optimization makes us a unique partner. Our proven methodology and on-going process optimization ensures you benefit through efficiency, cost savings, and access to state of the art technology and trends.

Our staffing services are non-traditional. We focus on customized strategies targeted towards driving and delivering top talent every time. We practice performance-based hiring methodologies, ensuring the past performance, technical expertise, and environmental fit of every candidate.